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Zero problems, zero fuss

This app worked great for me. Almost didnt download this app due to the negative reviews, but had a 6hr flight, so went ahead with it. I dont know how the other reviewers had such a bad experience other than the previous version possibly having issues. Downloaded to my iPad during the flight: no problems at all. Streaming the movie during flight, in great quality resolution: no buffering or consistency issues at all. Use the app. Whatever changes were made definitely made it very slick and usable.

Slow Download

App download takes a long time when you do it with the airplane wifi, delta should advertise to download it before boarding, didnt know i needed this app to watch movies. Im half way to my destination and still waiting for the app to finish installation :/

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Thank you Delta for providing in-flight entertainment on my device. Oh wait whats that you say. I need this GoGo Entertainment app? Sure Ill download loa............................. ........... ......... ............... d it. 1 hour in no progress on downloading!

If youre reading this.

Its probably too late to tell you to download the app before youre in the air. Looks like Ill be able to watch movies on my next ghetto flight.

Downloaded while I was in the air ZERO problems

Dont know what all the complaints are about or the insults towards people complaining. Didnt think of it beforehand so while I was I the air I downloaded the app. Plane was already in the air before they enabled wifi with the instructions on the card in the backseat pocket. I paused the movie as needed and it resumed without issue.


You look to your phone to make the time fly by and whats this, movies you can watch right from your phone...? But whats this....you have to download this app to make it so....well....2 hrs have gone by, and all I have to show for it is 10 bucks spent and this mesmerizing pinwheel that says still downloading this silly little app that hopefully one day from now will finally download so I can watch this movie from my phone I was tricked into thinking might happen on this crappy flight, oh my, gogo got me again....

Flawless and fast

It worked perfectly. No issues at all. Plus I really enjoyed the huge movie selection.


The amount of time required to download the required app was longer than the flight. So happy I didnt pay for this junk.

Wont download

Good luck actually watching a movie if you dont already have the app downloaded before your flight. It will never download fully but instead will keep crashing and hang up. Youll land before its done.

Not great

Gogo needs a lot of work

Idiots leaving reviews

Download the app BEFORE you take off, idiots. Dont drag down the product with negative reviews when youre not smart enough to plan ahead. That being said, this app has always worked flawlessly for me. Works as advertised.


The only reason I am writing this review is because the app takes forever to download. Flight was halfway over by the time it completed.

Piece of sh***t

Its gonna take an hour at least to download this creepy app! Dont waste your time!

Dont do

Its been over 30 mins on this AA flight and the app is only 1/4 of the way downloaded. We might land before it completely finishes.

Doesnt Download on the GoGo WiFi Network

It takes longer to download the required app on the GoGo in-flight network than the length of the flight time.

Takes long to download

I have been downloading the app for over an hour. Guess gogo is slow slow. Will land before I even get to use it

Seldom works

Amazing airlines use this as if seldom works Connection, Log in and speed are slower than dial up


This is a piece of junk. I am halfway from Minneapolis to Atlanta and this crap is still downloading. Why dont they keep an up to date copy cached on the router in the plane? Idiots. Horrible.

App slow download

Very slow download. Landing before it finished

Cant find a problem.

I have flown and used this app for a while now. About 40 flights last year. I have yet to have it fail on me. Works perfect every time. Thanks Delta for keeping me entertained in the air!

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