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Gogo Entertainment app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 8880 ratings )
Travel Entertainment
Developer: GOGO LLC
Current version:, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 04 Aug 2015
App size: 32.1 Mb

The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Use the Inflight Entertainment service to watch the latest movies and hit TV shows in flight. Just make your selection, download the player, and enjoy the show!

Pros and cons of Gogo Entertainment app for iPhone and iPad

Gogo Entertainment app good for

This app is required to watch in-flight videos on Delta Flights.
I took a Delta flight two days ago, with about 100 people on board. I was able to download the app within about five minutes. I used an iPad Air to view. I watched my movie of choice without lag issues. Only issue was slightly delayed downloading of app. I was concerned with seeing all the negative reviews, but overall, I had a great experience!
Not sure what type of phones or service the negative reviewers are using but for me, the app downloaded and worked just fine. Granted, you may have to wait 3-5 min for it to download compared to the seconds most are used to waiting for downloads but thats to be expected when your 30,000 feet in the air, out of your pampered wireless networks. My movie started right up after the download and I had no issues there. This doesnt get a5 star only cause the movie I chose sucked (Batman v Superman but hey I knew that going in).
Negative reviews are from people who must not understand technology. I downloaded the app using my wifi at home preparing for flight. App works as promised. It would be nice for it to be integrated into delta app like united has done, thats the only reason for 4 stars. Free movies on domestic short flights are great!
Not sure what all the bad reviews are about, perhaps the app has been debugged but I had absolutely zero issues with it going from MN to FL
I have flown and used this app for a while now. About 40 flights last year. I have yet to have it fail on me. Works perfect every time. Thanks Delta for keeping me entertained in the air!

Some bad moments

Unbelievable bad service. Impossible to download the app. Its been 45 minutes and still waiting. Disappointing and dishonest!
I cannot even rate the app because I could not download it. If you want to use this app during a flight you are better of getting it before you board the plane.
Another Unnecessary Download to watch something for free - by the time I download it I will have reached my destination - yuck!
I was on AA flight and wanted to watch a movie. Purchased movie... $6. Was directed to download this free app to watch it! App never downloaded. Now home, I have the downloaded the app. Gogo is "refunding" my movie charge which will show up in a couple of days. Im flying again next month and will try the app. You must download the app on the ground!!! If it works next month and I have been refunded for my movie, I will change my star rating!
Fact: I had faster service in 1999 when I was browsing aol chat rooms and typing in a/s/l after watching an afternoon sesh of Pokemon. Fact: Somehow Richard Branson and Virgin have blazing fast speeds and dont use a trash 3rd party internet service provider that charges almost illegal rates for something that is free almost everywhere in the world. Fact: I pray for your company to have Ch11 Bankruptcy after conning millions of Americans into paying these prices. You are just as bad as he ceo of the pharm companies that increase prices of necessary medication for hiv and the Epi pen. F off.
Took me several attempts to get to the App Store from go go inflight website. After many attempts, it said I couldnt try anymore. Somehow, it still worked. Once through, like some of the other reviews have said, the App downloaded slowly. Hopefully itll play the free movie I want to watch!

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